“It’s alive…It’s ALIVE!”

Hello, and welcome to How Heavy This Axe. Thank you for stopping by. Before we begin, allow me to tell you a little about myself, and what I hope to accomplish.

From a young age, I have always had an interest in audio and visual arts…film, television, music. Over the years, I have developed a taste for horror and psychological thriller films. From the time I met my best friend and creative partner Blaise at the age of eight, the darker side of cinema is where my interest has drifted. The 70’s area classics (The Exorcist, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Shining) opened the doors, and today I still find myself using those films as the benchmark.

As much as I love film, my true love is music. Many genres and artists are amazing, and I will give anything a listen, heavy music is the one thing I have always enjoyed. As an early teen, I discovered heavy metal. I was hooked. Megadeth, Kiss, Motorhead and Faith No More were some of my favorites. I started going to concerts at 14 (Aerosmith/Skid Row my first), and continue to see as many as I can. Then the internet was born. That was the ticket to a whole new world of music. This is how I discovered “Stoner Rock”. You can call it “desert rock”, “robot rock”, “doom”, “sludge”, or whatever, but this form of music has captivated my soul since day one.  I heard Queens of the Stone Age debut album in 1999, and that was it. I was sucked in to the vortex. I still call Queens of the Stone Age my favorite band to this day.

What I hope to accomplish with this “blog” is not to critique or review films and music, but to rather give my opinions. I find it crass to give a rating to someones life work, whether it is good or bad. I am simply going to write my thoughts. I welcome your opinions, and look forward to feed back. Eventually, I would love to have guest writers and contributors. I know there are a million other websites like this, but hopefully I can be entertaining enough to catch some interest. And of course I am going to use this little piece of the web to selflessly self promote various music and film projects that my friends and I work on.

You can also visit these places if you like to click…

scentertainment.blogspot.ca –  The artist collective I call home.  My pal Blaise runs the show. The most dedicated dude I know.

moviedrivel.com – My pal Worky’s blog. He uses his brain to store movie information. He possesses impressive film knowledge.

My twitter handle is @thisaxeisheavy   –   My email is thisaxeisheavy@gmail.com



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