JasonWho doesn’t love a violent death on the big screen? Jason Voorhees sure does. The goalie masked maniac has been carving up campers for more than 3 decades. Jason has hacked, slashed, choked, impaled, disemboweled, bludgeoned, and crushed his way through 120 plus victims. He averages over 10 kills per film. He’s a machine. Here are my five favorite Friday the 13th kills.

5. Knock Out Punch (Friday The 13th Part IIIV) – Brave Julius decides to stand up to Jason on a Manhattan rooftop. Jason let’s him get in a few good licks before scoring a first round TKO.

4. The Great Divide (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) – Deborah decides the best way to spend an evening in the woods is some good old fashion tent sex with Luke. If Jason shows up, she may have to split.

3. Frosted Face Smash (Jason X) – Even in space, Jason is pissed off. Especially after he’s just woken up from a hundred year nap. Poor Adrienne finds out that Jason is not a morning person. Why there is a sink full of liquid nitrogen, not sure. But it is a good death regardless of details.

2. Sleeping Bag Lumberjack (Jason X) – There are three things you need to know about Jason Voorhees; he does not care for camp counselors , he does not endorse the use of drugs, and he sure has hell has a problem with premarital sex. He lets two attractive female campers know just how he feels.

1. “This Shit Box is Gross!” (Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning) – Demon had too many enchiladas, so he has to use the restroom. After a little crooning with his soon to be deceased girlfriend, Anita, Demon finds out just how Elvis Presley felt, dying on the toilet. This is my favorite, not because it’s the most violent or inventive, but because the whole scene is hilarious. “Now you’re gonna get it, bitch!”



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