Five Bands You Should Check Out…

Do you remember the good old days, before internet and smart phones? The long forgotten days when us kids had to read a magazine, watch Much Music (for we Canadians, hey) or MTV to find out about our favorite bands, and for that fact, discover new bands. Now it is as simple as a Google search or logging into iTunes to get information and find your new sound. I can honestly say that the ability to find new music on the World Wide Web is an amazing privilege. This method, and going out to see live shows has given me the pleasure to discover some great new acts. I would like to share a few of these bands with you. I am sure a lot of you will have heard of these outfits, but not everyone is a music nerd (snob) like us folk. Please feel free to share some of your favorites with me.

We Hunt Buffalo (Vancouver, B.C.) Self-described as “dirty, grimy, fuzz rock”, these guys are right up my alley; big riffs, big sound, and Canadian. I have been listening to We Hunt Buffalo since late last year, although they have been around for a spell longer. These guys, along with Anciients and Bison, have made Vancouver one of the best scenes for heavy music over the last few years.

Barn Burner (Montreal, PQ) Disappointingly, Barn Burner is no longer together and have been inactive for a few years. I had the pleasure of seeing this band live, along with Bison at a club show four years back. I was absolutely blown away by how tight they were. They looked like they were having a hell of a good time performing for the hundred or so people that came out to see the show. Barn Burner truly were what the title of their debut album suggests; “Bangers”.

 Pallbearer (Little Rock, AK) Personally, I am a sucker for melodic doom metal. For me, Pallbearer does not disappoint. I purchased a vinyl copy of their debut album Sorrow and Extinction, and have been hooked since. A lot of you who are into the same type of music as me have probably heard about this band, but I figured I would mention them anyways. Pallbearer will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you drink the same tea everyday, life gets boring.

The Shrine (Venice, CA) The dudes in The Shrine seem like the type that would show up at your house party, play an hours worth of blistering rock ’n roll, drink all your beer, make out with your girlfriend, spray paint a dick on your fence and then leave because your party was lame. I had an opportunity to see The Shrine play as part of Calgary’s Sled Island festival last year. I felt violated after their set, but in a good way. Cool fact; The Shrine recorded their debut album, “Primitive Blast” on a reel-to-reel machine. Old school!

Chron Goblin (Calgary, AB) At the risk of sounding like a total homer because they come from my home city, Chron Goblin is another band that deserves more recognition. I have seen them play around town a handful of times, and they get better each time. Locally, they have opened for some great bands like Fu Manchu, 3 Inches of Blood, and Vista Chino. Chron Goblin is a band that will keep heavy music fresh, whether it is locally or they achieve the wider success they deserve.



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