Kill of the Day – 08/24/15

Casey Becker (talking to Ghostface on phone): “What do you want?”
Ghostface: “To see what your insides look like.”
– Opening scene of Scream, 1996
Do You Like Scary Movies?…The death of Casey Becker (Wes Craven’s Scream, 1996)  This is a great example of how to set the tone for a horror movie. The opening scene of Scream has atmosphere, suspense, action, and a little brutality. Drew Barrymore is amazing as Ghostface‘s first victim. At first, she is a flirt and plays coy with the stranger on the other end of the “wrong number” call. As the tension builds and she realizes this is not a random call, she is wonderfully terrified. After a little cat and mouse chase, Casey finally makes it outside to see the headlights of her parents car pulling down the driveway. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late, as Ghostface catches up to her (in a nicely timed slow-motion shot) and stabs her in the heart. Her parents hearing their daughter’s last breath over the phone is a nice touch. In my opinion, this film rejuvenated the slasher genre. It’s too bad that none of the Scream sequels lived up to the original.
Cool Trivia – Drew Barrymore was cast in Scream before a director was hired (Wes Craven was eventually chosen to direct).

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