Riff of the Day 09/26/15 Pink Floyd – Fearless

Pink Floyd – Fearless (from the album Meddle, 1971 Harvest) I seem to include this song on a lot of playlists and mix CD’s. Pink Floyd has been part of my life since I was old enough to understand great music. Fearless is a complete feel good song. David Gilmour and Roger Waters wrote this song on an acoustic guitar in the studio one day, and it couldn’t be more perfect. The climbing guitar hook, empowering lyrics, and superimposed soccer chanting all mix together to paint a pretty picture. In case you are wondering, the crowd song is courtesy of the Liverpool FC fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. We should all listen to more Pink Floyd. The world would be a better place.

Cool Fact – Pink Floyd only ever performed this song once live. Such a shame.


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