Riff off the Day (Nov 3) Monster Magnet – Crop Circle

Monster Magnet – Crop Circle (from the album Powertrip,1998 A&M) For me, Monster Magnet is one of those bands that I always forget about for a little while, but then I’ll hear a song and think “Why do I not listen to this band more often?”. From Red Bank, New Jersey, these stoner veterans have been around since the late 1980’s. I am a fan of (former) guitarist Ed Mundell‘s sound and tripped out space guitar sound, and try to incorporate some of his sound into my own guitar set-up. Singer/guitarist Dave Wyndorf is the one constant member since MM‘s inception, and has written some pretty amazing songs in than span. The fourth studio album Powertrip is a hell of a trip, and my favorite Monster Magnet album. Enjoy.



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