In 50 Words… Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Directed by: S. Craig Zahler

Starring: Kurt Russel, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins

Caliber Media Company, RLJ Entertainment

Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Russell) and three other men set out on a rescue after people from their frontier town are abducted by cave-dwelling savages. As if pioneer life wasn’t hard enough! Bone Tomahawk is more western than horror, but does not lack brutal bloody violence. The cast is wonderful, and the story is simple and original. The cannibalistic kidnappers are almost Predator-like, and a formidable foe for all-round bad ass Kurt Russell. The western/horror genre is sorely under utilized, but this film is a great start. Bone Tomahawk is bound to become a cult favorite, and rightfully so. The film runs at one hundred and thirty two minutes, but does not lag, and kept my attention from start to finish. Awesome movie.

4.5 Bloody Moons / 5

Five Favorite Doom/Stoner Guitar Players

Top 5 Favorite – Doom/Stoner Guitar Players

Heavy music is a fine art, and guitar is the brush that puts the finishing touches on the work. I have been a player for some years now, and I am forever gaining inspiration from many bands and genres. Doom and Stoner are my go to styles of rock, and many players influence my guitar playing. I have chosen four players and one guitar team as the guitarists that have influenced me the most over the past few years. I have had the opportunity to see these bands/artists play, and they are among the biggest reasons music burns in my soul. In no particular order, here are my five favorite Doom/Stoner Guitar Players

Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire) When it comes to bottomed-out, guttural riffs, Matt Pike is a beast. His current band, High on Fire, is a force to recon with as they continue to make heavy duty albums. Always shirtless on stage, Pike was also part of seminal stoner metal forefathers Sleep. He is also responsible for the constant ringing my ears. I got a little to close to the stage during a HOF show a few years ago.

Pepper Keenan (Corrosion of Conformity, Down) As part of arguably my favorite band Down, Pepper is responsible for some of the riffs that get stuck in my head every day. He has been part of Down and C.O.C. for twenty five years, and has even done a little jamming with Metallica. Also the lead vocalist for Corrosion, and a New Orleans bar owner, Mr. Keenan is quite a renaissance man. Not to mention, one hell of a guitar player.

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell) I would go to hell if I did not include the legendary guitar player for the original doom band, Black Sabbath. Iommi drop-tuned his guitar to make the strings loose, and subsequently easier to player with his severed finger tip. Out of necessity, a new genre of music was born. He does not jump around on stage or play fifteen minute solos. What Iommi does do is play riff after riff of songs that changed the landscape of music. He sold his soul for rock n roll.

Buzz Osborne (Melvins, Phantomas) Without Buzz Osborne and the Melvins, our generation may have not seen Nirvana, or a lot of grunge bands of the time. With dozens of studio albums under his belt, “King Buzzo” is a diverse and intense musician, whose influence can be heard through out the scene. The Melvins have been a constant in a forever changing world for almost thirty years, and it is always refreshing to hear new material. A friend of mine once touched Buzzo’s arm at a show. Buzz gave him a menacing glance and walked away without saying a word. It was terrifying, but brilliant.

J.D. Cronise and Kyle Shutt (The Sword) Age of Winters and Gods of this Earth are two of my favorite albums of the last ten years, with some of the best guitar riffs to match. I love this band, and see them every time they come to town. Cronise and Shutt are an amazing team that are both equally responsible for the guitar groove of the Sword. The sound of the band is evolving, but the first two Sword albums will always have an impact on my own sound. Give a couple dudes a Les Paul, and amazing things can happen.


Riff of the Day (Nov 10) Guns N’ Roses – Night Train

Guns N’ Roses – Night Train (from the album Appetite For Destruction, Geffen 1987) If you were a teen in the Eighties, you possessed a cassette of Appetite For Destruction,or had a friend that owned it. Everything about this record screamed rebellion. The attitude, the fashion, the notorious behavior; Guns N’ Roses was rock n’ roll. No album in the history of earth had a bigger impact on my life than this polarizing masterpiece. From top to bottom, the finest debut album, and arguably best pure rock record ever. These guys all came to Los Angeles, dirt poor and full of spite, and rendered an album that will always be timeless. Whatever has transpired between Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven over the years can never tarnish the impact of Appetite for Destruction.

In 50 Words… Circle (2015)

CIRCLE (2015)

Directed by: Aaron Hann, Mario Miscione

Starring: Julie Benz, Mercy Malik, Carter Jenkins

Taggart Productions, Votiv Films

A group of fifty strangers wake up in a dark chamber, unable to recall how they got there. One by one, they are executed by a bolt of electricity that emanates from a sphere in the center of the room. The victims are not chosen at random, but by the captives themselves through a strange voting system. Strategy and prejudice will determine a lone survivor. Circle is an interesting film and would make a great game show. The concept; How much do we value another persons life in comparison to our own? As the film progresses, it unfortunately becomes somewhat predictable. This is a dialogue driven film, which takes away from the suspense. A little action would have gone far. Pretty well written with some good acting. Tries to keep us guessing but falls a little short, but I do admire the concept.  3/5 Bloody Moons


Riff of the Day (Nov 4) Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead

Turbonegro All My Friends are Dead (from the album Party Animals, Burning Heart Records 2005) One of the finest exports to ever come out of Norway, Turbonegro are the kings of Death Punk. Always tongue-in-cheek, and always rock ‘n roll, these guys are the real deal. I must admit that after former lead singer Hank Von Helvete left the group, I’m not so up to date on their new stuff (I feel like a bastard for admitting this), but they have an amazing back catalog. Party Animals is straight forward, balls out music, and All My Friends Are Dead is my favorite song on the album. Turbonegro have a group of fans called “Turbojungend” with chapters in cities all over the world. That’s my kind of band.


In 50 Words…Ash Vs. Evil Dead Series Premier

Ash Vs. Evil Dead (Premier Episode, 2015)

Production Company: Renaissance Pictures, Starz!

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Jill Marie Jones, Ray Santiago

Five minutes into the first episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, I had already decided that this was my new favorite television show. Everything you need if you love horror/comedy is packed into this forty minutes of pure joy. Thirty years after the events of Evil Dead 2, Ashley ‘Ash’ J.Williams has been hiding in fear, living in a trailer park. While intoxicated and trying to impress a woman, he reads from the Necronomicon. This summons the Deadites, and they are looking for some revenge. A real ladies man, Bruce Campbell is brilliant as the cheese-ball department store clerk turned Deadite-destroyer. This show is refreshing and nostalgic all at once. If the rest of the series is as good as the pilot, I have one word; Groovy!


Riff off the Day (Nov 3) Monster Magnet – Crop Circle

Monster Magnet – Crop Circle (from the album Powertrip,1998 A&M) For me, Monster Magnet is one of those bands that I always forget about for a little while, but then I’ll hear a song and think “Why do I not listen to this band more often?”. From Red Bank, New Jersey, these stoner veterans have been around since the late 1980’s. I am a fan of (former) guitarist Ed Mundell‘s sound and tripped out space guitar sound, and try to incorporate some of his sound into my own guitar set-up. Singer/guitarist Dave Wyndorf is the one constant member since MM‘s inception, and has written some pretty amazing songs in than span. The fourth studio album Powertrip is a hell of a trip, and my favorite Monster Magnet album. Enjoy.