The Grand Return (The 949 Day Funk)

Exactly nine hundred and forty-nine days have passed since I last posted any sort of writing on my web space, or any web space. Not much has happened in the time that has passed; a global pandemic arrived, laid the boots to humanity, and refuses to leave. Political, racial, and civil unrest has divided us in a time when we should be leaning on each other. World powers have been useless for the most part and brought us fairly close to a world war. It seems like the world has been a smoldering dumpster fire for the last twenty-four months. Also Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T., won a SEVENTH Super Bowl, and with a new team to boot. Will Smith also slapped a fellow actor on stage at the Academy Awards. Pretty uneventful stretch of time.

Me, after 949 Days.

Personally, I have felt for the most part, uninspired. Scott (@moviedrivel) and myself have continued to record Flicksmacks, our movie driven podcast (with fifty plus episodes available for listening on My new career has been a learning curve, leaving me feel like my brain has melted more days than not. Although the change has been one hundred percent worth it and absolutely necessary. However, something has been missing. THIS has been missing. Putting my words and thoughts into the universe is something that I enjoy. Using my powers of deduction, I realize that to enjoy something, I have to in fact do said thing. The writing thing. Whether five people read or five hundred people read my work, it doesn’t matter. To me, it is worth it. It brings me a sense of accomplishment.

So here we go again.

I would love to write everyday, but the world swallows up too much time. My goal is to write and post something tangible every week. This is an achievable goal. Get some words into the universe to fill that void that has been been hanging around for nine hundred and forty nine days.

For the most part, this little website of mine has been a space to yap about movies and music, two things that make up a lot of my personality. That trend will continue. I am also going to try and integrate other topics du jour… sports, pro wrestling, toys. Why the fuck not? I am a man of many fancy tastes, after all.



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