The Daily Tonality – April 12, 2022

Song of the Day

Today’s Daily Tonality is brought to you by two days into the future.

This coming Thursday evening, I am going to see Alice Cooper in concert for the second time. Alice has been touring and releasing albums constantly since 1969. He is 74 years young. And he is not slowing down. It is amazing that he is still relevant and cool 53 years later. I am lucky enough to get to see this show with my longest serving friend, Josh. Shirley, Josh’s dear old Ma passed away in late 2021. She was a BIG Alice Cooper fan. This will be a special time, and I cannot wait. We both know that Shirley will be there and spirit. The Alice Cooper track I chose for this song of the day goes way back into his catalogue. From his 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies, here is Raped and Freezin’. Personally, I think it is one of his best.

All I’m saying is…if you don’t appreciate Alice Cooper, shame on you.



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