Riff of the Day 08/31/15 Clutch – The Soapmakers

Clutch – The Soapmakers (from the album The Elephant Riders, Columbia 1998)  It is hard to believe that these Maryland rockers have been around for twenty plus years. What is even more amazing is that Clutch have had the same line up for the duration of those years. I have had the pleasure of seeing the band perform on three different occasions, and I will continue to check them out whenever I get the chance. The band has transformed their sound over the years into a tight heavy blues powerhouse that just keeps getting better. Clutch’s new album, Psychic Warfare, releases on October 2nd via their own label, Weathermaker Music.

Cool Fact – Clutch have a sibling project called The Bakerton Group. It is composed of all four members of Clutch, and is an instrumental jam band.