31 Days of Halloween Day 2 – YOU’RE NEXT

31 Days of Halloween Day 2

You’re Next (directed by Adam Wingard,2011) This clever thriller has been one of the more pleasant surprises of the last few years. The Davison family and guests have gathered to celebrate a family occasion. Like most families, they are not perfect. During a family dinner, things get heated. Before the internal bickering turns ugly, the family is attacked by a group of masked strangers. One by one, Davison’s are picked off. Their only chance against the assault is Erin, the girlfriend and guest of one of the brothers. Who is really in danger, the assaulted or the assailants? You’re Next is a violent, bloody movie that has tension and terror. The attackers are intimidating, wearing SWAT style combat fatigues with simple animal masks. Sharni Vinson is awesome as Erin, who goes into survival mode, as she is victim to the old adage “wrong place, wrong time”. A good plot twist adds some depth and character development to the story. If I had to compare You’re Next with something, I would say it is a little bit of The Strangers (Bryan Bertino, 2008) and The Purge (James DeMonaco, 2013), but with more brains, more balls, and definitely more violence. If you enjoy violence, gore, opening scenes containing sex, and a woman who won’t put up with people’s B.S., check out You’re Next for your Halloween viewing pleasure.



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Riff of the Day 10/02/15 DOWN – Witchtripper


Down – Witchtripper (from the album Down IV Part One ‘The Purple EP’, Down Records, Roadrunner Records 2012) The riff created by guitarists Pepper Keenan and (former member) Kurt Windstein (Crowbar) can only be described as “heavy duty”. Down took a five year break from recording before returning with Down IV. The album instantly became one of my favorites. Keenan is someone I admire and his style influences my guitar playing, and this album is full of emblematic Down songs to inspire. Just like the song, the video for Witchtripper is bad-ass. It has an old 1960’s Mario Bava vibe going on. New Orleans is home to some amazing doom/sludge bands, and Down are the overlords of NOLA scene.