Riff of the Day (Nov 4) Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead

Turbonegro All My Friends are Dead (from the album Party Animals, Burning Heart Records 2005) One of the finest exports to ever come out of Norway, Turbonegro are the kings of Death Punk. Always tongue-in-cheek, and always rock ‘n roll, these guys are the real deal. I must admit that after former lead singer Hank Von Helvete left the group, I’m not so up to date on their new stuff (I feel like a bastard for admitting this), but they have an amazing back catalog. Party Animals is straight forward, balls out music, and All My Friends Are Dead is my favorite song on the album. Turbonegro have a group of fans called “Turbojungend” with chapters in cities all over the world. That’s my kind of band.



Riff of the Day 07/24/15

Sahg – The Executioner Undead (from the album “Sahg I” Regain 2006)

Norway is known for it’s infamous Black Metal bands like Berzum, and Mayhem, who had a penchant for burning down century old churches in the mid 1990’s. Not all Norwegian bands are evil. Sahg, for example, just like to play hard and heavy riffs. The Executioner Undead is off of their debut album.  If you dig this, check out a few of Norway’s other offerings; Dozer and Truckfighters.