The Daily Tonality – 01/27/17

The Daily Tonality – Your Song of the Day – January 27, 2017


The StoogesDown on the Street (from the album Fun House, 1970 Elektra) If I could create my own religion, and have a handful of gods to worship, Iggy Pop would be one. This opening song on Fun House, Down on the Street is a continuous storm of one dirty riff accompanied by swirling guitar solos, and of course Iggy’s trademark snarl and swagger. He speaks about falling in love while “floating” around the streets. This song does anything but float. It digs right in, and if your not nodding to the beat half way through, you probably have no soul.

Fun Fact – Iggy Pop has a cockatoo named Biggy Pop, and it has it’s own Instagram account. @biggypop



12 Riffs of Christmas RAMONES – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)


Dasher, Dancer, Comet, and Blitzen

Ramones – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) (from the album Brain Drain, 1989 Sire)  There are certain bands that remind me or the best parts of my life. Simpler times; hanging out with friends, playing punk music, getting drunk at the park. One of these bands is the Ramones. Christmas is a time to reflect and be happy. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Marky and C.J. make me happy. These New York punk-rock legends only want one thing for Christmas, and that is for us to be happy. The Ramones want to wish you a Happy Holidays…three chords at a time. Although all the original members have passed on, the impact they left on music, and on my life, is undeniable.


Riff of the Day (Nov 4) Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead

Turbonegro All My Friends are Dead (from the album Party Animals, Burning Heart Records 2005) One of the finest exports to ever come out of Norway, Turbonegro are the kings of Death Punk. Always tongue-in-cheek, and always rock ‘n roll, these guys are the real deal. I must admit that after former lead singer Hank Von Helvete left the group, I’m not so up to date on their new stuff (I feel like a bastard for admitting this), but they have an amazing back catalog. Party Animals is straight forward, balls out music, and All My Friends Are Dead is my favorite song on the album. Turbonegro have a group of fans called “Turbojungend” with chapters in cities all over the world. That’s my kind of band.


Riff of the Day – 09/12/15 Iggy Pop – Go for the Throat

Iggy Pop – Go for the Throat (from the album Beat ‘Em Up, Virgin 2001) This album is an absolute gem. Besides The Stooges albums, this is my favorite Iggy Pop work. The man sounds pissed off, and it resulted in a raw, and real record. Go for the Throat is a chugging punk rock anthem, complete with Iggy proclaiming “I`m fucked up, man I`m so fucked up…”. I love this song, so I had the Latin phrase “Vado Pro Iugulum” tattooed on my arm. It translates to the song`s title, Go for the Throat. If you don`t like Iggy Pop, you`re a jerk.