Riff of the Day (Nov 10) Guns N’ Roses – Night Train

Guns N’ Roses – Night Train (from the album Appetite For Destruction, Geffen 1987) If you were a teen in the Eighties, you possessed a cassette of Appetite For Destruction,or had a friend that owned it. Everything about this record screamed rebellion. The attitude, the fashion, the notorious behavior; Guns N’ Roses was rock n’ roll. No album in the history of earth had a bigger impact on my life than this polarizing masterpiece. From top to bottom, the finest debut album, and arguably best pure rock record ever. These guys all came to Los Angeles, dirt poor and full of spite, and rendered an album that will always be timeless. Whatever has transpired between Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven over the years can never tarnish the impact of Appetite for Destruction.