Riff of the Day 09/13/15 Orange Goblin – Quincy the Pig Boy

Orange Goblin – Quincy the Pig Boy (from the album The Big Black, Rise Above Records 2000)  Orange Goblin is one of the best UK bands to represent the heavy end of rock. I saw these guys perform twice now, and I am impressed by their all-round show. Singer Ben Ward is a 6’5″, charismatic hulk of a man, and the rest of the band are tight and lose at the same time. Right from the wah pedal heavy lead in riff, Quincy the Pig Boy is something that grabs your skull and shakes it.

Cool Fact – Before choosing the name Orange Goblin, the band was known as Our Haunted Kingdom. A pretty cool name, but not near as bad-ass as on the one they go by now.


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