Riff of the Day 09/17/15 Rush – Working Man

Rush – Working Man (from the album Rush, 1974 Moon) Even though Neil Peart was not the drummer on Rush’s debut, it is still a great album. Working Man is the best song on the record, and is still one of my favorite Rush songs. Love them or hate them, Rush are not only a legendary Canadian band, but one of the longest standing and well respected groups of all-time. All three members of Rush are accomplished musicians and Alex Lifeson really plays a heavy, dirty riff on Working Man. If you don’t like Rush, it’s too bad, because it means your ears are broken.

Cool Fact – Rush also have many philanthropic interests, donating time and proceeds to many charities and causes. These include human rights, the 2013 southern Alberta flood relief, Tibet, and providing funding for music programs in disadvantaged schools.


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