Riff of the Day 09/29/15 Early Man – Beware the Circling Fin

Early Man – Beware the Circling Fin (from the EP Beware the Circling Fin, 2008 The End Records) Thrash is alive and well today, thanks to a handful of metal bands. Early Man are one of these bands, led by singer/guitar player Mike Conte. Although it seems like a constant revolving door of drummers and bass players, Conte is the engine that drives this band. The riff from Beware the Circling Fin chugs along like a train, and Conte’s Judas Priest inspired singing style is a force of nature. I have seen Early Man play a couple times, and I was not disappointed. My friend Earl was almost a casualty of an out-of-hand mosh circle the last time we saw the band. Please check out these California thrashers. I guarantee they will have your head bobbing.



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