Riff of the Day 10/02/15 DOWN – Witchtripper


Down – Witchtripper (from the album Down IV Part One ‘The Purple EP’, Down Records, Roadrunner Records 2012) The riff created by guitarists Pepper Keenan and (former member) Kurt Windstein (Crowbar) can only be described as “heavy duty”. Down took a five year break from recording before returning with Down IV. The album instantly became one of my favorites. Keenan is someone I admire and his style influences my guitar playing, and this album is full of emblematic Down songs to inspire. Just like the song, the video for Witchtripper is bad-ass. It has an old 1960’s Mario Bava vibe going on. New Orleans is home to some amazing doom/sludge bands, and Down are the overlords of NOLA scene.


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